Home Invasions are Rare, but They Happen in East Texas

Home invasions don't happen often in East Texas, but they do happen. Elderly residents, people that show signs of wealth and drug houses are usually the main targets.

Lufkin police lieutenant, David Young, said, "Be aware that it can happen and talk with your family about it. Have a plan if something like this happens. You can also harden your target."

You can make your residence a hard target by taking safety precautions. Thieves are less likely to enter homes that look like they are hard to get into.

Authorities recommend getting an alarm or installing a surveillance system at your home. Dogs are also a good crime deterrent, so are signs that warn trespassers your home is protected.

Most thieves enter homes through the front door or garage and often knock before entering to get their target to answer. If someone rings your doorbell claiming to have a package or delivery, don't hesitate to ask them to leave the package on your front porch if you feel uncomfortable opening the door.

Authorities also suggest installing a dead bolt to lock the door to your home and window security devices. These safety measures won't stop burglars from breaking into your home, but they will make it a little more difficult.