Second Purse Snatching Suspect Arrested

The second suspect in a Lufkin purse snatching case is now in jail. Twenty-year-old Demarkus Greer of Lufkin turned himself in to police. He's now charged with aggravated robbery. Greer and another man allegedly robbed three women earlier this week after they gave the men a ride.

Authorities said the men approached the women as they were leaving the M.B. Store and asked for a lift. Twenty-two year-old Quentin Holman reportedly pulled out a handgun and demanded money from the women. Police arrested him just after the robbery.

When Brenda Williams and her mother and niece picked up a pair of hitchhikers at a Lufkin store, she immediately felt like something was wrong. Her suspicions were dead on.

Brenda Williams said, "I said 'I think you're making a mistake to let them in your car'. Cuz I knew something was up when I seen that gun in his pants and they got in the backseat with me. And that one [that] had the gun and snatched my money was setting beside me, I said 'oh, my gosh' to myself."

The women had just cashed their social security checks at the store on North Raguet when two men came up to them and asked for a ride around the block. The driver agreed. She didn't know the men but said she was just being nice.

"I turned around and looked and he had a gun, so I automatically just stopped my car and told him to get out. So the one dude behind me got out and the one beside my aunt took her wallet and ran down the road. I shoulda just ran them both over, but I was in shock and I didn't know what to do."

All three of the women said Quentin Holman and Demarkus Greer threatened to shoot them if they didn't give up the money.

Shirley Gulley said, "He had a gun right there on the console back there and he was holding it; kept a poking me in the side with it and I asked him 'what's that for?' And he said 'that's what we 'gone kill you with'."

The suspects got away with more than $1,500 dollars in cash.