Church Anniversary

It's not unusual to see people gather at Faith Family Church on Sundays. But this Sunday is even more crowded because it's the church's 7 year anniversary.

"Some people might not think 7 years is a significant number. They think more along the lines of five, ten or fifteen. But the number 7 is very important in the Bible," said church member Rose Jasso.

Members are also celebrating how far the church has come in 7 years.

"When we bought this building it used to be an old nightclub. It's just amazing what god has done in all of our lives here," Jasso added.

This non-denominational church started out with only a few members. It now has over 350 members. One of the things church leaders are most proud of is the diverse membership.

"Everyone's welcome to come. We started this church with the intent to be open to all people of all backgrounds and all colors. Just to come and worship God," church elder Clifton Cathcart told us.

Faith Family Church has come a long way since it's beginnings as an old nightclub. But members know there is still plenty of work to be done.

"A lot of people stood back at first and thought, 'is this really going to work?' but I think they know now that we're here to stay and be a dynamic force in Angelina county," said Cathcart.