Local Faces Adjust at S.F.A.

by Ryan Peterson

S.F.A. returns most of their starting lineup this season.  But there are still plenty of new faces on the practice field.  Many are from a local recruiting class.  On Sunday, Lufkin's Jaime Fernandez displayed his strong leg.  Fernandez ended practice with a 52 yard field goal, behind loud cheers from his teammates.

One Jack was used to seeing that kind of kick.  Freshman quarterback Jeremy Claybon said it felt like he was back at Lufkin.  Claybon is doing all he can to learn the speed of college football.  He's joined by Garrison's Jabara Williams.  Williams has moved from running back to linebacker.

"It's overwhelming," Williams says.  "It's a big change going from high school to college."

Claybon agrees.  "Yeah, it's pretty different compared to high school. The plays vary and the formations, but I'm going to get in here and try my best and learn the system."