Hundreds of Families Can Now Officially Chill

East Texas temperatures are expected to soar into the triple digits this week, but beating the heat is a challenge for many elderly and low-income families in our area. That's why several agencies and Christian radio station KSWP/KAVX teamed up for a 'Summer of Serving'.

Hundreds of families will be able to chill out with donations collected during a community-wide fan drive.

KSWP/KAVX Operations Manager, Al Ross, said, "It makes a big, big difference, especially when you realize that at certain temperatures the body begins to shut down, and there are people that are so happy whenever they get a fan that costs even $10 - one of the box fans - because they can make such a difference."

This year's 'Feel the Chill' fan drive raised a total of 318 new fans and two new air conditioners.