No National Night Out

Jennifer Thompkins moved to Lufkin 5 years ago to raise her family. She's noticed a lot of new people have moved into her neighborhood this summer.

"We've meet all our neighbors. Our next door neighbor, we actually have game night with him," she said.

It's that type of hospitality that's encouraged between neighbors on national night out.

"It is mostly get out, meet your neighbors, know who's in your neighborhood and just talk about preventing crime in your neighborhood," said the Lufkin Police Department's Lt. David Young.

National Night Out is tonight in most parts of the country. But Lufkin and several other East Texas communities have decided to postpone it until October 9th.

"We did have good participation several years ago but over the years we saw that decline and a lot of the reasons given were simply because of the heat is too oppressive to go out in the early evening hours, even for a good cause for some people. We felt we could defeat that be going to an October date," Young said.

No matter the date, Thompkins thinks National Night Out is a great idea. She knows from experience how important it is to have a good relationship with your neighbors.

"We had an incident at our house alone where somebody was removing some debris from our yard and our neighbor that it was something we wanted and they called us while we were out of town to make sure that was supposed to be going on while we were away," she said.

Thompkins and her family plan to participate in October. But she believes the idea of national night out should be practiced all year long.