Forest Fitness Trail and Bird Checklist

Checklist of Birds Angelina College
Forest Fitness Trail

The Forest Fitness Trail is located in the northwest corner of the campus in a 20-acre woodland area that serves as an outdoor laboratory classroom for a variety of biology courses. The one mile loop trail meanders through a forested area dominated by a mixed pine-hardwood community with canopy species such as loblolly pine, water oak, red oak, sweet gum and sugar maple. The understory species are represented by woody vines such as Alabama supplejack, Virginia creeper, poison ivy, muscadine grape as well as canopy species saplings. More than 50 species of trees are identified by trail markers.

This checklist of 62 species is based on observations of birds seen or heard from the trail and does not include any birds flying over the area but only represents those species that use the forest community for refuge, feeding and nesting.

Bird listings are in accordance with the Fifth Edition of the American Birding Association checklist (1996).

Key for seasonal status and abundance:

  • SP— Spring: March-May
  • SU- Summer: June-August
  • F—- -Fall: September-November
  • W—-Winter: December-February
  • C—Common: Should see or hear
  • U—Uncommon: May see or hear
  • O-Occasional: Seen only a few times in any season
  • M—Migrant: Seen only in Fall or Spring migration; abundance depends on date and local weather
  • *—--Probable nesters

Data collected and compiled by Louis Debetaz