Bulldogs Make "Clean" Start

Corrigan head Coach Seven Armstrong likes his team to play good, clean. mistake free football.

He also likes his players clean under the helmet. "We lost a lot of good people." The Corrigan Bulldogs have lost more than graduating seniors. "We had to go in and shave." Football is in. Facial hair is out. "It's all gone." "That's just something we do around here," said Coach Armstrong. "I don't like it, but we've got to do it," mused Brodrick Mayes. "I would, if I could grow one," said tight end Chase Ford.

The clean shave goes for everyone. And while everyone jokes about the new rule, they admit that it's been a tough adjustment. "I'm just too lazy to shave." "I guess everyone wants facial hair. Either that, or not do what the coaches tell you to."

The coaches want the Bulldogs razor sharp. When it comes to football, that shouldn't be a problem. "People step up every year. Our expectations are high since we went to the fourth round last year. We want to go further this year." "Last year a lot of people doubted us, but we went far. We can try to do the same this year." A clean shave may be all that's standing in their way.

In Corrigan, Ryan Peterson, East Texas Sports-9.

Note:  Corrigan opens the season week zero at Elkhart. KTRE's Friday Night Madness kicks off August 31st at 11:05 p.m.