Redneck Games Arrests

More than fifty arrests were made at a weekend event in East Texas. Now, the event sponsor could also face charges.

The 2007 Redneck Games were held at the Pool A-T-V Ranch near Athens on county road 3819. Home video of the event shows thousands of folks attended the event, participating in A-T-V racing and other competitions.

One such event called "Mattress Chunking" had people apparently drinking a 12 pack of beer, driving a mattress into the woods and seeing how far they could throw it. Behavior that law enforcement says is no laughing matter. "That's almost making a competition out of everything we try to avoid and try to stop. Inside the park on the ranch itself, it's just a blessing that we didn't have somebody killed," said Lt. Pat McWilliams with the Henderson county sheriff's department.

Among the 54 people arrested, 9 people were cited for D-W-I's, 2 D-U-I's involving minors, 2 people were arrested for possession of marijuana, and 32 minors were cited for possessing alcohol. The event promoter, Redneck Events out of Kilgore, could be slapped with misdemeanor charges for having more than 25-hundred people on the property without a permit.