Man Survives Wreck on Rainwater

Trapped inside his van for two days, barely surviving on rainwater, an East Texas man lives to tell his story. Last week, Craig Partin of Laneville was driving along a farm to market road when he lost control of his van and dove headfirst into a ravine. From his hospital bed he told East Texas News reporter Tracy Walter his amazing story of survival.

"I just had the Lord and my family on my mind and I was thinking Lord don't let me go, my wife don't need this." 39-year old Craig Partin's prayers were answered. Today, he's alive and well, a week after hanging on for dear life. Craig says he fell asleep while driving, lost control of his van and went airborne, straight into a ravine.

For two whole days he yelled for help, but no one could hear hi, He says his faith helped his through it. The Craig says he received his miracle. Craig's own brother is the one who found him. "I was coming up the road and saw a piece of chrome and broke tree and stopped, that's where I found him right there."