Rash in Violent Crimes Worries Residents

Some longtime Lufkin residents are worried their once quiet town may no longer be safe. With several murders in East Texas now under investigation, some parents are changing their habits when it comes to their families and especially their children.

"You used to be able to go out at night and not be afraid, but now you don't want to go out at night," said Doris Fears. "What you do is just try to find a safe place for your kids to go."

NaTasha Sweats of Corrigan said, "I keep my kids in the house. If they go out, they have to be in a distance where I can see them. I keep my doors and everything locked at night."

Locking up is a safety precaution police recommend all residents take.

Corporal David Casper said, "The main thing is just be cautious of your surroundings and trust your gut. If you see something that doesn't look right, [there's a] good chance it may not be. Just use precautions, and common sense I think is something that'll help a lot of us out."

And don't be afraid to dial 911. Police will not release your name to anyone unless you want them to, and if you're still worried about remaining anonymous, you can call the main number at your local police department.

"Just tell the dispatcher - the operator - you wish to remain anonymous [and] that this is what you saw or whatever information you have," said Corporal Casper.

A lot of crime can be prevented if people would pay more attention to their neighbor's property instead of just their own. Police realize residents often feel like they're intruding when they get involved with what's going on next door, or even worse, fear retaliation for calling 911 to a neighbor's home.