Attack Victim Doesn't Believe His Assault was a Hate Crime

It's been almost a month since Ruben Black was attacked near Mantooth Park in Lufkin. He was riding his bike from a friend's house around 2:00 a.m. when he heard a pickup truck pull up behind him. When he tried to get out of the way, he realized the truck was following his every move.

"I'm going 'I don't know this person or this truck, so I [am going to] hop the curve so they can go ahead and pass me', so as I was looking back to see when they [were going to] pass me by, somebody was hanging out the truck and they hit me in the face with a beer bottle," said Black.

But Shinetta Black said the crime against her son isn't the only assault she's concerned about. She knows of at least two other similar attacks against black men from the North Lufkin area. While Ruben doesn't think he's the victim of a hate crime, his mother is convinced he is.

"If I'm riding down the street and I see two white boys, automatically I think the worst, so I'm ready to move on to the next destination because you're looking around wondering 'is those the guys, could they possibly be the guys?' It's a frightening situation now," Shinetta Black said.

Ruben spent two weeks in the hospital, including five days in I.C.U. He doesn't know how long it'll take him to fully recover. He's unable to pick up his own children and can't even throw a football because of his injuries. His mother lies awake each night just in case he has another seizure.

"I guess it cut me on the inside of my eye a little bit, and of course I had to get stitches," Ruben Black said. "I just wake up with mild headaches in the morning time and I just have to start my day off real slow, and then once I take some medicine, that slows me up even more."

Anyone with any information on the assault on Ruben Black or any other crime in the East Texas area should call their local police or sheriff's department.