Helping the Needy

Greta Dixon and her family came to East Texas from New Orleans after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina.

"Starting all over. That's the hardest part," she said.

That's why the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council is helping Dixon and others like her. The Council held a giveaway for needy families. With school less than two weeks away, Council members and clients agree the timing for the event was perfect.

"We have so many parents that are trying to get necessities and many of these parents were struggling with food and light bills and general day to day bills," said Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council Intervention Coordinator Kim Simmons.

"I think it was a nice outing to get out and meet new people and see the people that are trying to help us. It let us know that there are organization out there and are trying to help us," Dixon said.

Not only were school supplies given out. Parents and children were also given clothing and hygiene products. There was also a luncheon and plenty to keep the kids busy.

"The kids were able to play games. Video games and pool. Just have some fun times where they weren't stressed," Simmons told us.

A mother of five, Dixon said she is extremely glad to get help with school supplies and other needs.