Storm Preparations

Lufkin city leaders met Friday at City Hall to discuss plans for Hurricane Dean.

"We're watching it very closely. We'll watch it through the weekend. We should have a real good idea of what kind of impact it may have on our area on Monday morning," Lufkin Assistant City Manager Keith Wright told us.

The purpose of Friday's meeting was not to cause panic, but rather to make sure Lufkin and Angelina County are ready for Hurricane Dean and any possible evacuees.

''Angelina County is a hub for the state of Texas and so we try to be prepared. We have a capacity for right at ten thousand in Angelina County," said American Red Cross Service Delivery Manager Glenna Harkness.

Police and fire fighters weren't the only ones in attendance.

"The Salvation Army, the Animal District, the Health District, so everybody has to work together," Harkness told us.

Preparing for disasters is nothing new for city and county officials.

"Hurricane Rita. We responded to it. We had been through several together events like space Shuttle Columbia, Hurricane Lilly. We had some flooding events in September 2004," Wright said.

But they know each situation is different.

"It is not a cakewalk. With any type of event like this there's always unknowns. There's always new challenges," said Wright.

Challenges officials are confident they can overcome.