The Wheels on the Bus - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

08/26/07 - Apple Springs

The Wheels on the Bus

by Ryan Peterson

If you're going to be an Eagle you better like football.  And you better like the bus.   As the only East Texas school in six man football, Apple springs must truly hit the road for road games.

"The farthest we're going to travel this year is seven hours," Kalub Parker says.

That's just one way.   And listening to music is about all the Eagles can do on the bus.

"We have a very disciplined bus ride," Eagles Head Coach Cody Moree says.  "We don't allow any talking on the ride over."

That's not really a problem.

"It's alright we just go to sleep," Donald Hamilton says.  "It ain't that long.  We take breaks and everything.

No matter the mileage, Apple springs is ready for some football.

"It is difficult but our kids respond well," Moree says.  "When that bus starts to roll, they know we're going to play."

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