State Released List of 'Structurally Deficient' Bridges

The Neches River bridge in Trinity County is one of the busiest in East Texas. It's also one of several hundred on the state's list of structurally deficient bridges.

"Structurally deficient is a term used by the Federal Highway Administration to classify and prioritize bridges for federal funding, and it in no way means that a structure is unsafe," said Texas Department of Transportation spokesperson Kathi White.

About 150 of those bridges are in the Lufkin District's nine-county area. Some of them are operated by the state, but most of them are locally owned by county and city agencies. TxDot also helps those groups get funding to repair or replace structures in need of maintenance.

"All of those bridges are either under construction or in the planning stages for bridge replacement or they have been repaired already if they had severe damages," White said.

As funding comes in, those structures are quickly being fixed and dropping off the state's list of structurally deficient bridges. Just five years ago, nearly 35 percent of bridges in Texas were in need of repair or replacement, compared to 13 percent of Texas bridges last year and four percent this year.

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