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7 On Your Side: Couple Promised Long-Overdue LCD Television

You pay hundreds of dollars for a television you expect it to work. But paying all that money and buying a three-year warranty hasn't done much good for Thomas and Jackie Ricks.

They're the victim of what many East Texans call or write us about daily: poor customer service.

Looking to upgrade their old television Thomas and Jackie Ricks purchased a 26 inch LCD from the Sears in Mineola.

Thomas tells us the total price including the additional 3-year warranty,"Tax and all it was a little bit over $700."

Jackie adds, "That was our Christmas. My husband and I didn't get us anything else."

That was in December of 2006. Two months later the Sylvania television stopped working...no picture and no sound.

Sears advised them to take it to their repair center in Tyler.

"Then it was gone for several weeks. [The repair center] apparently sent it to Dallas.  [They] brought it back in March and it worked until the end of May," Jackie explains.

The next several weeks the Ricks say they called Sears and Funai Corporation, the company that makes Sylvania-brand products.

They documented the numerous calls and messages they made and when no one responded they sent a letter to Sears and Funai demanding a resolution.

"The next day I got a phone call from Funai telling me the man that was in charge of taking care of problems would get in touch with me within the next 4-5 days from California.  It never happened," says Thomas.

To this day, both Sears and Funai have come up short resolving the issue on this $700 investment.  One the Ricks say they never plan on spending again with any of these companies.

"I do not want another Sylvania product and I do not intend on buying anything else from sears... I'm sorry but I'm upset," Jackie exclaims.

7 On Your Side contacted Sears and Funai last week to resolve the matter. But it wasn't until late this afternoon the Ricks finally received a call saying Funai will now be shipping a new television this Wednesday.

Of course we will be following up on this to make sure that happens.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com


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