Women's Shelter

Cross Road Baptist Church students have been volunteering at a local women's shelter facility all week long.

"It was really rewarding. It was good to see all my fellow youth and students friends come out here and do something great for the community and give back," said Cross Road student Emily Kolk.

'We had no idea the scope of what they were going to do. It has totally transformed the look of the building," said Judy May, Human Resource Director for the Women's Shelter of East Texas.

Several East Texas businesses donated supplies to Cross Road Baptist Church. Church members used the donations to tidy up the facility's grounds. They've cut the grass and planted shrubs and flowers. They even set up a bird bath and put out benches for the residents. Church members tell us Women's Shelter residents and their children especially enjoy this the playset that they built, and it's that type of appreciation that makes all their hard work and time worth the effort.

"Several of the ladies have told us, 'thank you!it's looking great! keep doing it,'" Kolk said.

"They've come out and with their blood sweat and tears, made this transformation from raggedness to this beautiful scaped facility here," May told us.

But looks aren't the only reason they're happy about the facility's new, cleaner appearance.

"It just makes for a more tranquil setting," May said.

The type of setting many of the facility's clients need on their road to recovery.