Katrina Anniversary

Gretta Dixon is a Hurricane Katrina evacuee from New Orleans who now calls Nacogdoches home.

After two years, she and her five children are still trying to adjust.

"It's a slow process because if you lose everything it's hard to get it all in one night. It's like a newborn baby; you have to crawl again before you can get back on your feet," Dixon told us.

Some East Texan organizations have been helping Dixon and her family get back on their feet.

Local churches, the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council and Love Inc. are just a few.

She says they've been there for them financially and emotionally when FEMA wasn't.

"I'm not trying to be hard on the government. I'm not trying to be hard on the president. But we need help for New Orleans!"

this month marks the two year anniversary of hurricane Katrina.

Remembering the experience is still painful for Dixon.

An experience she says she'll never forget.

"I was able to see a storm in person; watch the winds blow, see how dark it got, how high the water got, the bodies passing me by," said Dixon.

Dixon still misses New Orleans.

But she looks forward to a bright future in East Texas.

"I thank God for New Orleans because that's where I was born and raised and if I had to go back I'd go back again. But at this moment, I love Nacogdoches and I'm going to try to make this my home. So until it gets better, I'll be in Nacogdoches."