FEMA Handing Off Rental Agreements to HUD

For two years, FEMA has been paying the rent for hundreds of tenants who fled to East Texas after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, but on November first, FEMA will cancel those contracts and turn them over to HUD. The change has a Nacogdoches family looking for a new home. They moved to the area from New Orleans after their homes were destroyed in the storm.

"[Our landlord] said that because FEMA's changing over to HUD, all the HUD spots in that complex are taken, so I have to move. She said that someone new has taken over and there are only so many spots for HUD residents."

The women's landlord at Northview Condominiums refused to comment on this story for tenant confidentiality reasons, but a FEMA spokesperson said the transition from FEMA to HUD will be seamless and all landlords have the option to either go along with the change or cancel their leases with evacuees.

"Soon as they see New Orleans they say 'I do not take Katrinas' and I've had people tell me that they don't want us working for them, and I don't understand because not everybody's bad."

For more information on this story, go to http://www.fema.gov/. There, you'll find all the details on FEMA's housing program for Katrina and Rita storm victims.