Lufkin Child Left On School Bus

Erika Orta never thought her child would get left on a school bus. Especially on the first day of school.

"I was furious! Very furious!" Orta told us.

After school, the bus was supposed to drop Orta's 4-year-old son off here at the Pine Tree Daycare. But Orta got a call from a daycare employee saying his bus never arrived.

"The bus driver said that his name tag had a different address on it. It had our home address on it instead of the day care's address. So they just kept him on the bus until the bus driver was able to finish her route for the afternoon," Orta said.

"With the safety of the child in mind, the driver just kept the child on the bus so they would be no mistaking or confusing where the child was," said Lufkin ISD Transportation Director of Transportation Mike Jones.

Orta had to pick her son up from the Lufkin ISD Transportation barn. She says she had no doubt her son was safe there. But it's the time he spent on the bus that worries her.

"It's hot! and he's on a bus for over 3 hours. He hasn't had anything to drink, anything to eat, hasn't had a pottie break. I don't know if he's scared or what's going through his mind," Orta said.

She's also upset she had to find out about her son from a daycare employee.

"Somebody should have contacted me immediately especially when I saw my cell phone number was on his tag," Orta told us.

Lufkin ISD Transportation officials say they followed procedure.

"We always have kids that are not sure about where they're going to go and drivers are instructed to just to keep the safety of the child in mind. Keep them on the bus if there's any question about where they should go, and bring back here to the Lufkin ISD transportation or take them back to the school," Jones said.

Orta is just happy her son is okay, and she hopes the rest of the school year will go a lot smoother than the first day.