Labor Day Celebrates All Workers, Even Those Down on Their Luck

Lufkin resident Dwight Dennis is temporarily homeless, but he's still celebrating his achievements and counting his blessings this Labor Day. Just after Dennis moved into GODTEL about three months ago he started working in construction. It's a hard job, but one he's grateful for.

"No, I'm not out," said Dennis. "I may be down a little bit, but I'm not out."

And Dennis realizes there's a stigma associated with people who are down on their luck, but he said being homeless shouldn't be associated with laziness and an unwillingness to work.

"I'm a Vietnam veteran and I believe in working," said Dennis. "They instilled that in me before I even went to the service and after I went to the service, so I'm just used to working all my days."

Stuart Vincent also lives at GODTEL. He does odd jobs including construction and remodeling. He said it took him several months to find employment, but now works regularly and is slowly getting back on his feet.

"Nothing comes easy, you have to work at it," Vincent said. "Just because it doesn't happen right away, don't mean it's not gonna happen. You have to keep at it - it's persistence."

Persistence often pays off, but Vincent knows some people want nothing to do with a man in his predicament.

"I think it's just a bunch of garbage because some people are just in bad situations, bad circumstances," said Vincent. "Most people want to work but they don't have the opportunity to."

And that's why Vincent and Dennis are making the most of each opportunity they get.