Michael Motte: A Coach's Dream

by Ryan Peterson

It's Thursday and time for our Jack of the Week.

Michael Motte is a coach's dream. The Stephen F. Austin State University senior doesn't complain about playing time and is the team's biggest cheerleader. But, after overcoming a serious injury, Motte's coaches are cheering.

He was one of the Jacks' top weapons in 1005. The fullback was a second team All Southland Conference selection. A year later, Motte was still in Homer Bryce Stadium, but instead of running routes, he was running steps. Each and everyday it was a struggle," Motte recalls. Motte ruptured his right quadriceps.

He couldn't play football and didn't know if he wanted to ever again. "I tried to keep a positive attitude around the team.  It really hit me once I got home and was by myself at night in pain. Sometimes I could walk one night and not the next." Motte says the pain was excruciating and unlike anything he'd ever felt. But he continued to press on through his rehabilitation. By mid-summer, he knew he could still play football.

"I just love being around this football team. Whether I'm on the field as fullback or on special teams, I just want to be apart of it." "He's overcome a lot of adversity from a major season ending injury to battling his way back to being apart of his football team," said Head Coach J.C. Harper.

Motte admits he's not yet 100 percent, but he believes he'll get there. There was no better feeling then suiting up for the season opener last Saturday. "It was the greatest feeling ever just to be back. From doubting myself and being able to come back was great."