Families that Eat Together are Healthier

Families that eat together are more likely to eat healthier. Research also shows children who eat dinner with their families every night are less likely to drink, smoke or use drugs.

Lufkin dietician, Amy McLeod said preparing meals and eating together are not as time- consuming as some parents may think. She has several helpful and healthy hints to bring families together at mealtime.

"Mixed vegetables that are microwave able, you can have dinner ready in five minutes," said McLeod. "Brown rice you can have ready in ten minutes and adding some fresh fruit that's already prepared [and] packed in its own juices [and] low in sugar - those are all options that are very simple that you can add into your menu."

Another way to get the whole family involved in mealtime is through meal planning. Get input from the kids and try to add at least one new simple recipe to your menu each week.