COPY-Nacogdoches Police Report - 09/07/07

DWLI: 900 BLOCK OF WEST MAIN STREET. Officer stopped a vehicle on a traffic stop. The driver was found to have a suspended driver's license with a previous conviction. Donald Chatman was arrested.

DWLI: 400 BLOCK OF SHAWNEE. A vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation. The driver, Jimmy Pipes, was found to have a revoked driver's license with a previous conviction. He was arrested.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA-POSSESSION OF A PROHIBITED WEAPON: 1000 BLOCK OF LOGANSPORT STREET. Officers contacted a suspicious vehicle in the rear of pecan park. Officer detected the odor of burning marijuana. All parties in the vehicle were found to have suspected marijuana in their possession. Arrested were Miguel Gloria, Noe Ochoa, Jessica Ady, Angelina Nieto. Antonio Morales, Jr was also charged with POM, and was found to have brass knuckles on his person. He was also charged with possession of a prohibited weapon.

ABUSIVE CALLS TO 9-1-1: 2700 BLOCK OF WOODLAND. The suspect made several abusive calls to the NPD and sheriffs department on 9-1-1. The suspect was identified and Jessie Maki was arrested.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA-DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE: 3200 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Vehicle stopped for traffic violation. The driver, Andrew Landrum, was suspected of being under the influence of alcohol under 21 and was also in possession of suspected marijuana. He was arrested.

FAILURE TO ID: 400 BLOCK OF SADLER STREET. Suspect was contacted and gave officers a false name and birth date. He was identified as Michael Roberts and had an outstanding parole revocation warrant. He was arrested.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 100 BLOCK OF WEST MAIN. Vehicle was parked with window partially down. Suspect opened the door and removed two CD's, 2 lawn chairs and some prescription medication.

HIT AND RUN: 200 BLOCK OF MACKECHNEY. Parked and unattended vehicle was damaged by an unknown vehicle overnight.

CRUELTY TO ANIMALS: 2400 BLOCK OF ELIZABETH STREET. Animal control officers found a large dog that was being cared for improperly. They issued a citation and also wished to file cruelty to animals charge.