Urgent Care Clinic is Now Open

Angelina County residents with lacerations, sprains, broken bones and other medical problems have a new option for treatment besides a crowded emergency room. The Urgent Care Clinic is now open in Lufkin.

Dr. Michael Iversen said, "I've seen people waiting from 9:00 in the morning - I got in at 7:00 at night - so they've been waiting 10-12 hours sometimes; not always that late, but you know you're gonna wait anywhere from 2-5 hours."

Patients can register for the clinic online, which lessens their wait significantly. When they get there, all they have to do is sign a consent form for treatment.

Melanie Hartsfield, registration clerk, said, "They get added on to the schedule immediately and we can call them and tell them how long a wait they have so they don't have to sit here and wait in our office."

The clinic's been open for six weeks now and is already getting more than 20 patients a day. The x-rays are digital - no chemicals or film is involved - and the records are electronic, making it almost effortless to pull up a patient's medical file.

"When we sit there and I'm doing my record as I'm talking to you, I know what pharmacy you want to use," said Dr. Iversen. "By the time they [leave], the prescription's already been faxed to the pharmacy, which means by the time you get to the pharmacy, you're prescription is ready for you."

The clinic is open seven days a week and no appointments are necessary.