Restaurant Report - Lufkin - 09/13/07

Wendy's in Lufkin got a whopping 19 demerits because both the prep and walk-in coolers were at the wrong temperature. The floor was dirty, hand sanitizer was needed at hand sinks and a thermometer was needed in the walk-in cooler.

China Buffet on North Timberland got 15 demerits because the prep cooler was at the wrong temperature and food was uncovered. Also, the floor, can opener, ice dispenser and storage room were all dirty.

McDonald's on Daniel McCall got ten demerits because condiments in the front service area were on the floor. The floor was dirty and thermometers were needed in the coolers and freezers.

Congratulations to the Wal-Mart Bakery, Fuller's Buffet, Golden Corral, Café Memorial and Subway, all in Lufkin, for getting a perfect score of zero demerits.