Recent Library Crime

A woman's purse was snatched in front of Kurth Memorial by two men.

Lacinda Burns lives right across from the library, and can't believe that it's now a crime scene.

"I was stunned. I mean, it's scary!"

Patrons and officials agree.

"I think it's a shame that you can't go to the library without worrying about someone talking something from you," Kaleshia White said.

"Patrons come to the library to read, and for thugs to come and steal someone's purse is just absolutely asinine," David Koonce told us.

Police say their timing was ironic.

"A number of police and firefighters had been involved in some emergency management training over there earlier, and we had just left about 15 or 20 minutes before the crime occured," Lt. David Young of the Lufkin Police Department said.

There have also been occasional incidents of gang graffiti spay painted on library grounds and some of it still remains. Burns says one thing that worries her is the amount of traffic in the area.

"I was in the library yesterday and there weren't that many kids in there reading books," said Burns.

She says instead, groups of kids walk the streets near the library.

"When they're walking all in groups it gets little uneasy. You wonder if you're safe," Burns added.

So is it safe?

"The library is a very popular place with many, many people around. This is just one of those singular events that we hope and pray will never happen again," Koonce said.

People we talked to say the incident won't stop them from visiting the library.

"I still feel safe coming here," White said.

And that's exactly how police and library officials want visitors to feel.