Move It - SFA Student Recreation Center

Enter the SFA Student Recreation Center with a healthy attitude. Otherwise, you might feel out of place. Campus Recreation Director Jeff Huskey spoke to us from the weight and fitness center. " Where we're standing right now is the fitness floor. We have strength equipment. We have cardio equipment. We have two circuits down here. A circuit means if you do each of these machines all the way through you've worked your body top to bottom."

Or a member can climb from bottom to top on a 39-foot, freestanding rock climbing wall. Huskey said,  " It's called the 'art wall' and obvious because it's as much a piece of art as it is functional and it becomes very much a center piece of a lot of facilities."

But at SFA the 270 foot long 'lazy river' may demand center stage. Dive-in movies, beach ball dodge ball and lifeguard races will be some of the organized activities. The attractive pool resembles resort life, but don't be fooled. The pool can test your endurance.    Huskey said, " They can either swim against the current or jog against the current, that type of thing. So, actually you get a pretty good workout up here. You've also got a couple of lanes for lap swimming. "

When students arrive in their swimsuits, they'll not only be exercising their body, but also their mind. And we're not necessarily referring to physique watching from the opposite sexes. Fitness and wellness coordinator, Deborah Jones shared the benefits of exercising 30-60 minutes a day.   " Exercise daily and weekly to reduce the stress, to improve their health and to also improve their attitude. "

A couple of basketball courts, aerobic studios and an indoor track can also help a person's attitude while they're moving it. Faculty, staff and a limited number of alumni can also join.

An open house of the new student recreation center is this Saturday, during parent's weekend.