Some Residents are Calling Old Diboll Highway an Unofficial Dump Site

M.D. Scarborough moved to Old Diboll highway 17 years ago. For as long as he can remember, the road has been used for illegal dumping by people who don't want to pay for garbage pickup.

"It's a real convenient road from Lufkin to Diboll," Scarborough said. "It's the old U.S. Highway 59 that used to be the main road, and anybody that wants to avoid U.S. 59 comes down the Old Diboll Highway."

But Old Diboll Highway is being used for more than just a way to bypass traffic. Some residents said it's now an unofficial dump site for old clothes, used tires, household appliances and broken toys.

"We just want to have a good clean street to drive on and for people to come to see us and not think we live in a trashy neighborhood," said Scarborough.

Scarborough said whoever dumped several bags of garbage on the side of the road did it sometime between noon and 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. He said county workers do a good job picking up trash in the area, but some of his neighbors disagree.

Susan Martin said, "I've tried calling [litter abatement] myself and we never get called back or nobody ever answers."

Longtime residents don't think the trash is coming from their neighbors. They said Old Diboll Highway is busy all day with people coming to and from the beer stores on Highway 94.

Sylvia Olds said, "It looks really bad for us to come home knowing that we take care of our place and people just come by and use our road as a trashing dump. And we just need something to be done about it, and they've been dumping stuff for a long time all along this highway."

Olds said the litter has gotten much worse since alcohol sales started in Angelina County last year, because most of the litter she's seeing now is empty beer bottles and cans.

The East Texas News tried to contact the litter abatement officer for Angelina County, but our phone calls were not returned.