Forest Festival Economic Impact

Today was the last day of the Texas State Forest Festival, and as usual, plenty of East Texans showed up to enjoy all the rides, food and fun.

"We run about 35,000 people through here during the festival with about 300 volunteers," said Festival Chairman Billy Ball.

But this year there was something noticeably different.

"There's a lot more food stands and a lot more rides. A lot more people, too," said Festival Patron Reed Glass.

And with more people comes more money. But where does all the money generated by the forest festival go?

"We use the funds to fund the Chamber of Commerce, Angelina Beautiful Clean, The Expo Center and the Forestry Museum," Ball told us.

Organizers know the festival benefits the community. So they were extremely glad to see how successful it was this year.

"We've had a phenomenal year this year. The weather's been fantastic. We don't have our figures for today naturally but we're up from the past years. So we're looking at, probably, a record year," Ball said.

Even with this year's record success, organizers say there's still plenty to look forward to next year.