Bob Diamond Retiring

by Coleman Swierc

For twenty years a familiar face has been serving the folks at Crown Colony Country Club in Lufkin. Times change and so does the familiar. Golf Pro Bob Diamond is looking to call it quits.

"There again like I said I am shifting gears and I'm going to be doing some things that I really enjoy and that is going to be teaching...I'll be teaching the area in Crockett and Nacogdoches and I still have some members here that I enjoy I will save a couple of days for myself and I will get out and do some teaching 3 or 4 days a week."

Members at Crown Colony commonly refer to Diamond as "Mr. Club Pro," but to Bob it's the children that have made it all worth while. "Even at Quail Valley the club I was at before Crown Colony, I really enjoy teaching the youngsters they are just like little sponges, they pick up on everything and I personally enjoy watching grow with the game of golf and enjoying the game of golf," said Diamond.

Don't get him wrong, while he loves the children, he also has a special place for the members he has catered to for so long."You get to know all of the members personally, you get to know their wives and their kids and their dogs and their pets, you get to know their wants and their needs and as a professional and as a person working in a recreational facility you are trying to promote golf and have fun while they are out here at the club that is your job and that is what we strive for me and my staff."

When asked what he will miss the most about Crown Colony, for Bob the answer was clear."Probably all of the characters at the club probably all of the different personalities people are fun to work with and everyone is a little bit different and you kinda laugh at some of them."