ABC's The Bachelor

Brad Womack is ABC's newest bachelor.

"I want to be on the bachelor to find my wife. That's it. No other reason. So in a one word answer: love. That's why i'm here," Womack said.

So what sets Womack apart from all the previous bachelors? He's from Texas... East texas. And people in his hometown are talking.

"They think it's kind of interesting and kind of neat that it's actually someone from a small East Texas town," said Kathleen McKenzie, one of Womack former high school teachers.

Womack grew up here in Livingston. He graduated from Livingston High School in 1991. We caught up with two of his former teachers to find out what the tv star was like as a kid.

"He was an excellent student and had the loveliest manners of any student i ever taught. But he had a little touch of mischief about him which I sort of liked," said another one of Womack's former Livingston High teachers, Ruth Hollenbeck.

They tell us Womack was always popular.

"Especially with the girls! the girls loved him!," Hollenbeck said.

"I think the girls definitely flocked to him," McKenzie told us.

These days, Womack may have a flock of beautiful women fighting for his affection on TV. But sixteen years later Womack is still driving the girls at Livingston High Crazy.

"I think he's hot! he looks good!" said one Livingston High girl

"Yeah, he's mighty sexy!" said another.

But Womack is more than just another handsome face. At age 34, Womack now lives in Austin, Texas. There, he's a successful businessman who co-owns four popular bars with his two brothers.

"I'm not surprised he's successful. It doesn't surprise me at all. I'm just very, very proud of him," said McKenzie.

And so are many other East Texans.

Especially those in his hometown of Livingston.