Apple Springs Flying High

When it comes to Apple Springs football...what you pay for, is not exactly what you get. Through the first four games of the season...all Eagle victories, only one has gone the distance, a 64 to 46 victory over brazos valley.

"It is a goal of ours to put a team away if we can do that, six-man rules allow you to do that and we feel like that is a mark both offensively and defensively and we have been fortunate in several of our games so far to do that, said head coach Cody Moree."

While it would seem that winning a game before the second half would be preferred...going all four quarters is not as bad as it seems.

Moree added, "We traveled on the road to College Station two weeks ago and that game went all four quarters and it was a good game for us, we had to come back from behind and win and that is something that you need to be able to do and that experience needs to be under your belt so we were glad that happened for us and we anticipate that it will again, we have some tought opponents coming up."

Every home game this year for the eagles has ended before the fourth quarter...and only one has made it past halftime...which may not be worth the full price of admission, but is exactly what fans want to see.

"I think that everyone is pleased when they come to our football games they see the scoreboard really get a workout and they get to see alot of kids do alot of different things out on the field...all I can say is get here early."

Apple springs dominance in the early part of the season can be put into perspective by a few simple facts: the Apple Springs defense is averaging at least two scores a game and not one time this year has the Eagle offense had to punt...and that a message they want to send to everyone in the district.

Apple Springs sophomore Timothy Haltom added,"It is good to get out at half time or the third quarter beacuse it lets everyone know that we are ready to play our district games, its letting them know that we came to play football and that we are ready for them."