Computer Training

The HOPE Center of North Lufkin recently began offering computer training. The program is so successful that it even helps rehab Mary Henderson's son, Shane.

''The progress that he is making out of 10 one hour sessions is just like watching a miracle in action," said Henderson.

"it helps with my memory, my mind and my train of thought so to speak," said Shane.

Two years ago, Shane suffered two major strokes.

"They'd gone through an extensive rehabilitation period for his body, his physical rehab. But his mind was not coming along as rapidly as they wanted it to," said program instructor James Self.

That's when Hope Center computer lab instructors stepped in.

"In this program he performed beautifully. We challenged him to the max and we saw some definite changes medically in the way he was responding to outside stimuli," said Self.

The program reaches a broad range of people, particularly older East Texans.

'When you have to go ask your child how to do something on the computer and they go on it and do it immediately, you feel kind of lost and left out," said student Emery Harvey.

Since it's free and has smaller classes, it also attracts some high school and college-aged students.

"They're able to get more one on one attention that you really need to learn to use the computer," said Lab Assistant Kenneth Howard.

Students agree that they're learning how to use a piece of equipment that's essential in the world today.

"Everything in the future is going to be done by computer and if you don't know how to work with one and get on it and do what you need to do, you're going to be lost," said Harvey.