At Home Driver's Education Course

Many East Texas parents are using a program called "Drivers Ed in a Box" to teach their children how to drive. Parents like Tish Basham, who used it on both of her teenage sons.

"They thought at first it would be harder than it was but everything is pretty much printed off the computer so really they were surprised at how easy it actually was," said Basham

The state approved program has it's advantages. Not only can it be done in the comfort of your own home, but it also only costs $20. An actual drivers ed class runs about $130. But officials tell us just because it's a home course, parents shouldn't think it's any less intense.

"The parent has got to realize there's going to be alot of time involved in this, if they do it correctly," said DPS Senior Trooper Greg Sanches.

That means making sure your child is a safe and responsible driver.

"A lot of these parents want to just hurry up and quickly fill out the information and kind of scoot on through the program and that's just a disaster waiting to happen," Sanches said.

DPS officials believe the program works well for those who stick to it. They also know it requires responsibility from parents as well as their children.

"You're putting that child on the roadway and you're putting their life and other people's lives in jeopardy if that young person is not a safe driver," Sanches said.

"If it's someone who doesn't have the time or is too busy, then I would say let the school taught program be the program they go with," added Basham.