Red Light Cameras Finally Going Online

After months of delays, Lufkin's red light cameras will finally go online Monday, October 1st.

"At one location, we turned it on for 48 hours and kept a running count and it was something like 159 violations," said Sgt. David Walker of the Lufkin Police Department.

Officials admit some of the numbers gathered during the testing period were rather high. They say part of that was because warnings signs like this one were not yet in place. But the numbers still worry them.

"These intersections were picked due to the fact that they were higher or the highest rate of accidents that involve the disregard of a red light," said Walker.

Accidents are exactly what officials hope the cameras will prevent, especially fatal ones.

"What we're trying to keep from happening is what cops call a T-bone. At these intersections at the red light somebody runs it and they T-bone somebody right in the door," Walker told us.

The cameras are not hard to spot. Warning signs are everywhere. The goal is to make everyone aware of the camera locations so they can easily comply.

"What we're asking for is voluntary compliance. Don't run the red light. Don't run the red lights! it'll get you killed," Walker said.

the 30 day warning period is October 1st through October 30th. After that, anyone caught running a red light will no longer be mailed a warning. They will instead be mailed a notice to pay a $75 fine.