City Plans to Help Displaced Employees

Nearly 165 Armour-Eckrich Meat employees will have to find new jobs. Officials with the company have announced the closing of the Lufkin plant.

Mayor Jack Gorden says that employees will be let go at a gradual pace, until the closing of the plant on March of next year. He says some employees can expect to look for new jobs as early as next month.

Jim Wehmeier, director of economic development, said he was shocked by the announcement, but the city will help wherever possible.

Wehmeier said, "We never like to see any kind of announcement like that, but they are announcing I guess what we've read through the Dow. The Dow news regarding the company is that they're looking to close a plant in March, 160 employees out there.  If they continue to move forward we will work with the company and make sure that we can get another productive company in that facility as quickly as possible."

Wehmeier said they economy is strong, and the city will help displaced employees find other opportunities in the community.