Big Future Ahead For McFarland

by Coleman Swierc

"It is real tough, you know, he is strong," Lufkin Offensive Lineman Jacolby Ashworth says of teammate Jamarcus McFarland.  "He's benching 350 plus, so, he is a strong guy, he stays low, it is a pretty hard job, but somebody has to do it."

Unfortunately, the only person who wants to do it, plays on the same team. Blocking junior defensive lineman Jamarcus McFarland is a task that no one wants to face. Whats worse? He's thinks he can still get better.

"Oh yes," McFarland says.  "There is always room for improvement.  I still think that I need to work on my footwork and my leadership and come out here and stay heads up on my team."

McFarland was the district sophomore of the year last year.  Though he realizes that he needs improvement, he also recognizes that he may be the best player in the state.

"It is the gift that god gave me, so I use it," McFarland says.  "But I still want to get my speed up."

As one of the highest touted players in all of the state, at any level, McFarland's ability is not going unnoticed.  He's garnering attetion from some of the best teams in all of college football.

"I have lots of D-I colleges coming out," McFarland says.  "Texas, Oklahoma State, LSU, USC. But I am not really basing anything upon that right now, I have a whole nother year.

It would be easy to assume that a player as talented and sought after as McFarland would be a nightmare to coach, but Jamarcus is an exception.   Most of which is due to his humility instilled in him by his peers.

"My mom is a factor, and my coach," he says.  "They always say don't let it go to your head, just always know that you have room for improvement.  I am not ready for the college level yet."

Most other players and high school coaches would beg to differ