JOW - Volleyball Standout J.J. Jones

We've always heard it's better to give, than to receiver.  Volleyball player J.J. Jones has played by those words since arriving at Stephen F. Austin.  Jones is a two time Southland Conference setter of the year.   She has over four thousand assists in her career.   But heading into her senior season the Ladyjacks decided to give back, letting Jones split time as an outside hitter.

"Honestly, I was really excited," Jones says.  "I used to hit in high school and when coach approached me, I was thrilled."

"We all knew she could do it," Senior Jami Hill says.  "She's a great athlete that hits the ball really hard."

Neither Jones nor the coaches knew what to expect.

"Coach first reacted, we'll try it a couple games," Jones recalls.  "Just threw me out there."

Jones quicky proved herself.  And now the best set up player in the conference, is becoming one of the best hitters.

"It makes them prepare for something different," Assistant Volleyball Coach Brian Yale says.  "They've (opponents) seen her the last three years as a setter."

Giving will always be Jones' strength.   She's currently 467 assists shy of the school record.

"I don't really care about the records," Jones says.  "It's about the team. If I get it, I get it. If I don't then I'm okay with it."

Jones shouldn't worry.  She's on pace to break the record.   An accomplishment worthy for the Jack of the Week.