Your Turn: Global Warming

We asked you to Consider This, and you did.  Now it's Your Turn.

In response to our global warming editorial a viewer from Pollok writes:

The truth is that the C02 concentration in the atmosphere is increasing.  The concentration of carbon dioxide has risen by more than 30% since 1800.  The EPA admits that while volcanoes may have raised pre-historic C02 levels and temperatures, human activities now emit 150 times as much C02 as volcanoes.

Today, the main sources of greenhouse gasses are: modern industry, agriculture and the burning of fossil fuels.  A new scientific study concludes that changes in the Sun's output cannot be causing modern-day climate change.  For the last 20 years, the Sun's output has declined, yet temperatures on Earth have risen.

Although not all the evidence is in.  It is certain that humans do have a significant impact on our environment.

Is this going to be like the bridge in Minnesota?  Everyone denying that there is a problem until the day it finally collapses just because we don't want to pay the price to fix it.

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