The Influence of Comic Books

Waldenbooks in the Lufkin Mall has a huge variety of books, but you may be surprised to know what one of their top sellers is.

"We sell quite a few comic books but I think mainly what we sell is a lot of graphic novels, which is a compilation of certain runs of comics," Waldenbooks manager Gary Makries said.

No matter what form they come in, comic books have become so popular, that kids aren't the only ones reading them.

You'd be surprised. There's adults my age buying comics, there's people in their mid twenties. You've got lots of little kids discovering comics for the first time," Makries added.

It's the influence that comic books can have on children that worries some adults.

"I don't like the body image that's portrayed of comic book heroes. All the guys have six pack abs. All the women have these incredible bodies. And I don't think that sets a good image," Howard Cox, Angelina College English professor told me.

Some experts believe while the flashily pictures draw kids in it's the words that actually serve as a foundation for more advanced reading.

"You get them reading, they find something else they like later on, they'll slowly move through the phases of going through comics books, to graphic novels, to actual books, and then moving on forward after that. I don't think there's anything negative about it," said Makries.

"It does get them to read and reading anything improves a person's intelligence. Reading anything from a magazine to the back of a cereal box. Reading is reading and it can help you to grow intellectually," Cox added.