Pack in Good Hands

The Lufkin Panthers are in good hands.   The Lufkin Panthers have good hands.  Every week a different Lufkin receiver steps up.  Sometimes it's multiple targets.  Against College Park, Quentin Ned opened the games opening play with a 66 yard touchdown catch.  But it was Eric Johnson who led the team with 105 yards and six catches.

"We just wait to get our chance," Ned says.  "And when we do, we take advantage of it."

Jeffrey Claybon has so many options, it's tough to choose from.  Jabroksi Smiley has been the little engine that could for the Pack.  And there's still James Davis, Lufkin's biggest target.

"They got different styles," Lufkin cornerback Darrius Terry says.  "Jabroski has a different style. James' the jump man. Eric shakes, Ned's a little speedy and shaky."

It's a pain for opposing defenses, but fun for Lufkin fans to watch.  It's anyone's guess who will shine next Saturday.