Litter Abatement in Lufkin

Lufkin has a strong reputation as an award winning clean city, and city leaders are fighting to keep that reputation alive.

"Cigarette butts are everywhere. You see soda cans, beer cans. They're everywhere," said Tony Moline, Executive Director of Angelina County Beautiful Clean.

In some places, bottles and paper lay on the roadside. Even at some city parks, trash cans are overflowing with garbage. All reasons why a stricter litter ordinance was proposed at last night's city council meeting. But officials say pieces of paper, bottles and cans aren't the only things that fall under the category of litter.

"Residences and homes where people might put a lot of junk in their front yard is included in this as well as what we think of as normal littering," said Lufkin City Manager Paul Parker.

While all litter is a concern, residential littering is mainly what the proposed new ordinance is aimed it.

"A lot of our problems are major homes that people just let get trashy and the normal process takes about 60 days. This new ordinance that's proposed cuts the time way down on the enforcement and forces people to clean up a lot quicker," said Walker.

The new ordinance would cut the time down to about two weeks. Anyone who doesn't address litter problems in a timely manner could receive up to a $500 citation for each additional day.