Super Staph Infections

Thousands of Americans get staph infections each year, and East Texas is not immune.

"It can get into the blood stream. You can actually have phenomena from it. Your organs can be affected by it and that's when it becomes dangerous," said Ketih Jones, PA-C of the Angelina County and Cities Health District

Experts say once a staph infection gets beneath the skin, it becomes harder to kill. There have even been cases so serious that people have died from them. And now, health officials across the nation are seeing more drug resistant cases of staph.

"It's called methosylic resistant staph, or mrsa, because not every antibiotic will kill it. Only a few antibiotics will," Jones said.

The state of Texas recently released new guidelines to prevent staph infection. Those guildlines are pretty much a back to basics approach, but are still a good reminder to help prevent staph infection.

Keep your hands washed and sanitized, keep your linens, towels and clothes clean and do not share personal care items.

Experts say anyone who follows those guidelines should not have any problem.

"I think the emphasis is on just putting the things we know into practice and if we do that then I think we'll be successful," Jones added.