Dr. Bill Shelton Honored

by Christa Lollis

For over 40 years Dr. Bill Shelton spent his free time hunting and fishing.  And now, a year after he passed away, his memory is being honored.

The Bass Pro Shop opened a new store in Pearland, Texas.  It is the fifth and biggest store in the Houston area.  Three sections of it are dedicated to Shelton.

Shortly after his death, the store contacted his family about acquiring his extensive collection of memorabilia.  During Shelton's lifetime he was awarded such things as the Angelina Award and won more fishing tournaments than his wife can recall.

Though he is no longer alive, his family and friends hope that his memory will live on forever through the Pro Shop displays.  His daughter Emily said that she can't imagine a better place for the things that meant so much to him.  She said if her dad could have dreamed up heaven, the Bass Pro Shop certainly would have been it.