Run For Life

S.F.A. Freshman Jeremy Moses embraced the pressure of starting his first collegiate game last Saturday.   It was really nothing for the quarterback, especially when you consider what the 19 year old experienced this summer.

"Me and my family were hiking through some mountains near Garner," Moses says.  "We got to the top and a 50 year old man had been struck by lightning and died.

The man's two kids were also struck, but were still alive.  Moses quickly decided he was in the best shape to get help.   The quarterback had just returned from S.F.A.'s summer workouts.

"I ran six miles to get help," Moses says.  "I Found a park ranger who drove up the mountain and got everyone off of the top of the mountain just in time because another storm was coming pretty hard."

It can be a scary feeling with 300 pound lineman trying to slam you on the football field.  Yet Moses loves the competition.   While running through the mountains, he used that competitive fire to help save two lives.

"In that situation I was running for someone else's life trying to help somebody," Moses says.  "It was a different kind of rush. There was no way I'd stop running because two people needed help and I had to get there."

An act worthy of a hero.   Or your Jack of the Week.