Garrett Primary Traffic Safety Concerns

Dropping kids off at school each morning is a pretty normal routine for thousands of Lufkin parents. But at Garrett primary in Lufkin, it can be dangerous.

"My greatest concern is that I'm one truck driver dozing off at the wheel away from absolute tragedy," said Lufkin ISD Superintendent Roy Knight.

"I have seen several close calls. I haven't seen a wreck yet, thank the Lord, but it's bound to happen," said concerned grandparent Tim Cahill.

The entrance at Garrett Primary faces Kurth Drive, one of the busiest streets in Lufkin. Since parking is minimal, many parents have to cross four lanes of traffic just to walk their children to the entrance. Even with crossing guards and safety signs, parents always have to be extra careful. Kristy Rodriguez says it can be especially difficult for her and her little brother.

"I try to get him to walk fast but he walks slow because he's smaller. Sometimes I have to pick him up because the traffic is so busy," she said.

'There's enough spaces here but it would nice if they were all on the same side of the street," said concerned parent Anita Scoggins.

Lufkin ISD officials agree, and they plan on addressing the issue in the upcoming bond election.

"Our goal is to secure the property that surrounds that campus. So that I can move the entrances and exits from Kurth Drive so our parents don't have to walk across Kurth Drive with their kids everyday," said Knight.

If it passes, the project could cost millions of dollars and take up to two years to finish.

"When you're looking at safety you really can't be stingy when it comes to safety. You have to go ahead and put the money in. I think it's definitely worth while," Scoggins told us.

"You can never spend too much or enough money on student safety and security," Knight agreed.

The bond election voting takes place on November 6th. Early Voting is Monday, October 22. Lufkin resident can vote early the Lufkin ISD Administration building.