Motorcycle Safety

Trey Kluck enjoys riding motorcycles, but knows firsthand that it can be just as dangerous as it is fun.

"I had a lady pull out in front of me, cut me off completely, and leave me no way out between two cars. So I sqeaked though two cars and made it through. That's the closet one as far as close calls," said Kluck.

Experts say with the gas prices rising, many East Texans are choosing motorcycles over cars. October is also a popular time of the year for motorcycle rallys. But riding a motorcycle comes with added responsibility.

"Motorcycles stop a lot quicker than cars, so manuvering a motorcycle and driving a motorcycle takes a lot more practice," Department of Public Safety Senior Trooper Greg Sanches told us.

Experts say there are several motorcycle safety tips you should follow:

Get formal training; a motorcycle rider course is good idea for developing basic riding techniques. Always wear a helmet. Don't speed; know and obey the local traffic laws. Always be alert and watch out for other drivers.

But other drivers play a huge part in motrocycle safety, too.

"They're a vehicle, too. And again, people need to realize that motorcycles do stop a lot quicker and be aware to keep that distance bewteen you and that motorcycle," Sanches added.

Experts say being a courteous driver does a lot to increase safety for everyone on the road.