Houston County Wet/Dry Election

In Houston County voters face something that Angelina County voters saw last year: a wet dry election.

There are two issues that are separate propositions and they're both county wide issues. So they'll either pass or fail in the entire county. One of those propositions is the legalized sale of beer and wine in stores. The other is the sale of alcohol in restaurants with food service and beverage permits. As expected, opinions vary on whether or not Houston County should go wet.

"So far, I'm very proud to say that while people do have very strong opinions on both sides of the issue, it's been presented so far as I can tell in a respectful manner," said Houston County Judge Lonnie Hunt.

There are those who believe going wet will benefit Houston County economically.

"An alcoholic is going to go get that alcohol anywhere, even it has to be ten, twenty or thirty miles outside of the county. I say bring those dollars here in our own community. It could go to good use," Houston County resident Tonya Harris said.

There are others who feel you can't put a price on safety and morality. First Baptist Church of Crockett members are encouraging residents to vote no. They say their alcohol recovery program called, "Stepping Stones," is proof that alcohol does not belong in Houston County.

"We have seen the devastation that this problem causes in the hearts and in the lives of people. It is very heartbreaking to look into the faces the, the hearts and the eyes of those who are affected by alcohol," said Stepping Stones official Joan Wolley

Officials encourage all Houston County residents to vote no matter which side of the issue they're on.

"It's not going to be the end of the world if it fails. It's not going to be the end of the world if it passes. We're all still going to be neighbors here in Houston County," Hunt told us.

Early voting is going on in Houston County until Friday, November 2nd.

Election day is Tuesday, November 6th.